Honorary Chairs

Nori Hemphill and Barbara Bergreen

Planning and preparing for Main Event each year is a busy and exciting time at Relief Nursery.

It’s an opportunity for us to work closely with amazing community members who step up and give their all, and indelibly shape the future of Relief Nursery children and families.

And it’s a time when we are able to honor those who have loyally, with insight and wisdom, done just that, for so many years.

This year we celebrate Honorary Chairs, Nori Hemphill and Barbara Bergreen! Nori and Barbara are the very essence of community – with a sense of generosity and caring – and a deep commitment to service, especially to Relief Nursery. These women are powerhouses, offering their special gifts and talents to make life better for our children and families.

Be sure to join us when we celebrate our dear friends, with deep gratitude and affection!

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