Honorary Chairs

Relief Nursery is doing the work that grandmothers have been telling us for generations—take care of kids and families early on and they will do better in life. It’s a pretty simple concept that creates healthier families, stronger communities, and a better future for everyone. An important feature of Relief Nursery is connection to community and providing relevant child and family support services—that means asking families what they need to be successful, not telling them. That’s the genius of Relief Nursery and what sets it apart from other organizations. In normal times, the Main Event is an opportunity to celebrate and support Relief Nursery’s mission by raising bid paddles. But these are not normal times. Instead, this year we will gather online and raise our virtual bid paddles to support Relief Nursery children and families who need help now more than ever. We are flattered to be honorary chairs for this year’s Main Event, and we hope you get online and join us in supporting Relief Nursery children and families.

-Kevin and Irene Alltucker

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