“Main Event 2020 is our 30th annual event and will be a celebration of our future, our present, and our past honoring the contributions of the event chairs from the previous twenty-nine events.”


Patsy Moser & Susan Roberts


Beth Sheehan


Julie and Stan Pickett

Future Chairs Committee

Michael Barclay & Andrew Stiltner


Susan and Jack Kauble


Sid Voorhees

Irene and Kevin Alltucker, Marta and Ed Barclay, Juli Bloom, Holly Campbell, Megan Dompe, Ron Farmer, Nori Hemphill, Bob Moser, Jean Phelps, Julie Pickett, Sandi South, Kelly Sutherland, Kim Ward, Kitty Williams,  and Kathy Wiltz

Stacie Alberts

Irene and Kevin Alltucker

Suzanne Arlie 

Barbara Aster

Ed Barclay

Marie Bergin

Carol Berkman 

Juli and Tony Bloom

Annette Briggs and Scott South

Holly and Patric Campbell

Elizabeth Chambers 

Lisa and Tim Clevenger

Connie Cornog Robathan

Jo Courtemanche 

Loretta and Don Davis 

Marilyn Ditto

Megan and Matt Dompe

Vicki Edwards

Ron Farmer

Darbi and Brian Franssen

Dave Frosaker 

Jean Glausi

Mitch Hagstrom 

Jennifer and Dale Hartley

Nori Hemphill

Francee Hillyer 

Cheri and Delmer Johnson